In which Eric McClanahan lists his 5 favorite Priest tracks up to this point in their career.

5. “White Nights”

It’s insane that the first three tracks of the debut Priest full-length are this good, as all three make the cut for my top 5. I love the prominence of the guitar in this one to go along with the beautiful chorus melody.


I kinda hate that all five of the tracks on my top 5 are from the full-length debut, because I don’t want readers to think that this somehow means the EP’s aren’t worth checking out. They’re really great, as well. It just so happens that this self-titled album is one of my favorite synth-pop albums ever, and it’s completely loaded with one great track after another, and “Broken” may be the catchiest of all the songs on it.

3. “Heartbeats”

THAT HUGE BEAT. David Kazyk is a masterful producer, despite the fact that he is basically nowhere to be found in any of the press or photos of the band, he is absolutely essential to what makes Priest one of the best synth artists out there.

2. “Lying On Your Grave”

The imagery of the title is kind of beautiful to me, but I suppose more “normal” people may find it creepy. One thing that’s undeniably beautiful about this song, however, is the chorus melody.

The thought of lying on someone’s grave and singing “you know there is a place for us” is a wonderful thought of reuniting with loved ones in eternity, whether that is what’s actually being implied or not.

1 . “The Game”

This was the first Priest song I ever heard. It was on a Spotify playlist I was listening to (I think it was my Discover Weekly playlist), and I was hooked from that first 808-sounding beat at the start of the track. Being a sucker for 90s R&B production, combining something reminiscent of that with dreamy synth-pop is an automatic way to make me a big fan quick. Add a killer melody and Camille’s soothing vocals and you’ve got a no doubt 5-star track.

Listen To My 5:

Honorable Mention:

“When The Strings Are Gone”


“Isn’t It So”

“We’re The Same”

“Lost Lions”

“White Wing Dove”

“Our Time Will Come”