In which Eric McClanahan lists his 5 favorite PFR tracks.

5. “Wait For The Sun”

This song shows off a lot of the range that PFR possess. They were never quite the gold and platinum selling youth group-loving band that several 90s Christian rock bands were, but I believe they were definitely among the most-talented. It was really close between this song and “Garden” for this final spot, so be sure to check that track out if you like the slower jams on this list.

4. “Life Goes On”

“Life Goes On” especially hits when listening in the context of the full Great Lengths album. The upbeat and intense “Last Breath” goes right into this gorgeous closer about continuing life without someone you love.

3. “Pour Me Out”

One of the heaviest songs in the PFR catalogue, along with being one of the best. I got into PFR when I was first getting into rock music, and I would’ve said that this track was almost “too heavy” for me at the time. Truthfully, it was expanding my boundaries and, unbeknownst to me at the time, was preparing the way for someone who would begin enjoying metal and hardcore a few years later.

2. “Them”

“Them” is really kind of a dark and moody song for PFR, which is probably why I love it so much. Plus, a song about the mental manipulation of mass media is a rare topic in the 90s CCM scene, so they get bonus points for going there. So, we get 2 minutes of brooding and contemplating how much the media sucks, and then…that gorgeous chorus melody hits with the lyrics “How can you say, let’s all remain unaffected?”. I get this not being one of the more popular PFR songs, but it really hits the spot for me.

  1. “Forever”

This is the song that first really made me a PFR fan. I fell in love with this song after hearing it on the radio and had to go get their compilation, The Late Great PFR, which featured this song and many others you’ll find on this list and in the Honorable Mentions.

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Honorable Mention:



“Great Lengths”

“Goldie’s Last Day”

“That Kind of Love”

“Wonder Why”


“That Kind of Love”

“Missing Love”

“Kingdom Come”