• Crashings (2004, BEC)
  • Dawn Escapes (2005, BEC)
  • Exit Lights (2006, BEC)
  • Captiva (2007, BEC)
  • Discover the Trees Again: The Best of Falling Up (2008, BEC)
  • Fangs! (2009, BEC)
  • Your Sparkling Death Cometh (2011, independent)
  • Mnemos EP (2012, independent)
  • Hours (2013, independent)
  • Midnight On Earthship (2013, independent)
  • Silver City (2013, independent)
  • House Full of Caverns (2015, independent)
  • Falling Up (2015, independent)
  • Falling Up (Acoustic EP) (2016, Independent)
  • Reimagined EP (2016, Independent)


  • Jessy C. Ribordy – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, programming (2001–2015)
  • Jeremy Miller – bass, keyboards (2001–2015)
  • Josh Shroy – drums (2001–2015)
  • Nick Lambert – guitars (2012–2015)
  • Daniel Elder – lead guitar (2008–2015)
  • Tom Cox – lead guitar, backing vocals (2001–2005)
  • Joseph A. Kisselburgh – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2001–2006)
  • Andrew “A-Dub” Wadlow – turntables, keyboards, synthesizers, programming, electronics (2001–2003)
  • Michael Humphrey (DJ Wax Wizard) – turntables, keyboards, synthesizers, programming, electronics (2003–2005)
  • Micah Sannan – lead guitar (2005–2007)
  • Adam Taylor – keyboards, synthesizers, programming, electronics (2005–2007)
  • Daniel Huddleston – lead guitar (2007–2010)

Why Rank Falling Up Songs?

I mean…if you know me, you that I love Falling Up. I bought the Crashings CD when it first came out and enjoyed jamming it. Not long after, I got really into emo and metalcore and kind of got totally lost in those worlds. Sometime later, around 2008 or 2009, I picked up used copies of Dawn Escapes and Captiva, which I enjoyed. However, at the time I was buying about a dozen used albums a week was lost in exploring a vast array of genres, rarely spending the time with any of those purchases that they deserved because I was so overloaded.

By 2014, I had begun trimming my music collection and was ready to settle into music that I really loved. What I had found that I mostly loved was atmospheric rock music, synth pop, and post-hardcore. My longtime internet music forum friend, David Martin, had never strayed from the Falling Up path. As I saw his A+ review of Hours, I thought it seemed like something that would be up my alley, and wow, I sure was right about that. I fell in love with Hours and Your Sparkling Death Cometh. They were everything I had ever wanted in music. They incorporated the atmospheric rock, post-hardcore, and synth-pop that I loved, along with unique, catchy melodies and mysterious, captivating lyrics. It felt like home and like something completely unfamiliar at the same time.

In the best way possible, Falling Up ruined music for me. I don’t expect that I’ll ever love another band this much. I do expect there will be other albums that I love, but I have a hard time believing there will be a catalog from another artist that moves me this much. After I thought I knew the limitations of how music and my own tastes and feelings could meet, this band expanded those borders by a mile, a world, a universe. They are my Beatles, my Radiohead, my Pink Floyd.

I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to this band, and I enjoy ranking songs, so why not? Every single track here is excellent. I think I had around 200 Falling Up songs in my library, so just because a song is ranked number 100 doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. Truly, I think every moment in their catalog is worth your time, but I’ll only discuss the best here. By “the best”, I mean my favorites, but “best” gets people talking. Be sure to comment at the bottom of the page with your favorite Falling Up song or what you believe to be the objective “best” song, if there is such a thing.

My 101 Favorite Falling Up Songs

101. “Falling In Love” from Crashings

This is probably not even my 101st favorite Falling Up song, but it’s the only song by Falling Up with over 1 million Spotify plays that I almost didn’t include, so it gets an honorable mention, of sorts.

100. “Earthship” from Mnemos

A very soothing first couple of minutes before a triumphant synth (I think) and some vocals appear, give way to some nice guitar playing, and then return even more triumphantly for a glorious end.

99. “Silver Creek” from Silver City

Only two minutes long, but it fits the Christmas album so well.

98. “Places” from Crashings

A deep track on the debut album, but I love the guitar and vocals interplay in the verses.

97. “Maps” from Captiva

Falling Up weren’t scared to do a Christian power-ballad on occasion, and they do it well by avoiding cliche and keeping it sincere.

96. “Evidence” from Mnemos with bonus tracks

This is basically a really good, synth-y remix of “Circadian”.

95. “Voices” from Midnight On Earthship

“Just cause I’m free it doesn’t mean I’m not
Bound to love, I’m bound to grace so desperate
We’re all a people of an injured heart
But that’s what makes it perfect”

94. “Typhoon” from Falling Up

An anthem of being chased and followed.

93. “Alexis” from Mnemos

Echoing guitars, beautiful synths, and angelic backing vocals is always a recipe for success to these ears.

92. “The Outsider” from Hours

A very unique song with a beat that sounds like brushes drumming on trash cans and possibly a sample of some sort being played in reverse.

91. “Searchlights” from Dawn Escapes

No choice, this is what you’re getting at number 91. If you don’t agree will you just let me know?

90. “Aron on the Wind” from House Full of Caverns

A beautiful instrumental piece with a classical feel.

89. “Oh Holy Night” from Silver City

The more chill version of this song checking it at 89. It’s upbeat counterpart will make an appearance on down the list.

88. “Hydro (Acoustic)” from Falling Up (Acoustic EP)

A wonderful acoustic version of one of the best songs from the self-titled album.

87. “Nova” from House Full of Caverns

9 minutes of bliss.

86. “Intro The Gravity” from Dawn Escapes

Can a song be quite rhythmic, but still very chill? Yes.

85. “Bruise (Remake)” released as a standalone single

A track from Midnight On Earthship is enhanced with extra guitar and backing vocals. I still rate the original a little higher, but I love this version, too.

84. “Intro1” from the unofficially released B-sides & Demos collection

This is just a short instrumental piece, but it’s so soothing.

83. “Fenn” from House Full of Caverns

I don’t know what other to use to describe this instrumental piece, other than “gorgeous”.

82. “Fearless” from Dawn Escapes

One of the best early Falling Up choruses.

81. “Caves” from Mnemos

Vibes for days with the repeated refrain of “You are the infinite”.

80. “Phantasm (Demo)” from the unofficially released B-sides & Demos collection

I’m all about some dark synth jams.

79. “Carol of The Bells” from Silver City

Falling Up’s atmospheric take on the classic Christmas instrumental is not to miss on your holiday playlist.

78. “Magician Reversed” from Fangs!

A sick drum beat and killer chorus put this song at number 78 on my list.

77. “Arafax Deep” from Crashings

Considering this was of two early Falling Up tracks voted by fans to be reimagined, I would think I probably have this nearer to the back of my list than most. I still think it’s a great song. This band just has so many of them.

76. “The Climb” from Hours

Every song from Hours made this list. There are no weak tracks.

75. “Ambience” from Crashings

I love the opening synth line on this one. And even more than that I love the little breakdown before the bridge with the choir-like vocals as the guitar jams.

74. “Greying Morning” from Midnight On Earthship

A lovely piano ballad that always serve to remind me that I’m merely a beggar desperate for mercy from The Lord.

73. “Blue Ghost (Quadra Remix)” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh (Bandcamp Version)

I know this is a remix and a bonus track, but it’s certainly good enough and fits well enough that I would’ve enjoyed it being an actual album track.

72. “Rooftops” from Midnight On Earthship

This is a great song for an evening Spring drive with the windows down.

71. “Oceans” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

A worshipful song with a few mysterious lyrics, true to Falling Up fashion.

70. “Cascades” from Dawn Escapes

I’ll admit that I’m kind of terrible about following the storylines in Falling Up’s music. I’ve always been fine with the story revealing itself to me where it will, in the course of my enjoying the music and melodies. The verses to this one are definitely telling part of a story, but the chorus seems to be about the omnipresence of God. I feel like a lot of their songs have a similar thing going on, so I never really know when a story a world is being explored or general thoughts about God and life are being expressed, but I’m actually fine with that.

69. “Aeva And The Waving World” from Hours

This might be the heaviest dark electronic track I’ve ever heard.

68. “Summer Song” from Midnight On Earthship

I have no clue what this song is about, but it’s very tragic, yet beautiful sounding.

67. Diamnds” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

“Born in the water, take quick to the trees” makes me think of a tree frog. If you know me personally or if you follow me on Twitter, you will understand why I would make this connection.

66. “Helicopters” from Captiva

I really love the chorus melody and the guitar part that’s playing behind it.

65. “Escalates” from Crashings

I think I recall Jessy saying that this song is purely built on phonetics and there’s really no meaning at all to the lyrics, yet it was on of Falling Up’s biggest hits.

64. “Arafax Deep (Reimagined)” from Reimagined

An excellent, and quite heavy in parts, reimagining of the song that checked in at number 77.

63. “Fearless (250 And Dark Stars)” from Exit Lights

The song in Falling Up’s catalog that is number one in the most Spotify plays, checks in at number 63 on my list.

62. “The Wonder (Instrumental Demo)” from the unofficially released B-sides & Demos collection

I think “The Wonder” is musically brilliant, so I love the fact that I can listen to only the music if I want to.

61. “The Chilling Alpine Adventure” from Fangs!

Jessy used some really cool vocal effects in this song. A great chorus here, as well.

60. “Contact” from Dawn Escapes

Electric guitars turned down and electronic vibes turned up.

59. “Drago Or The Dragons” from Captiva

A fantastic synth breakdown caps off a cool dark synth-rocker.

58. “Pete The Little Robot Comes Home” from Mnemos

This is such a relaxing instrumental track.

57. “Intro To The Radio Room” from Hours

“I’ll lay beneath the willow
Close my heavy eyes
Dream that I will shine for you”

56. “Panic And The Geo-Primaries” from Fangs!

Already a very cool dreamy rock song and then out of nowhere you’re hit with one of the more memorable choruses from prior Falling Up releases in “Arch To Achtilles” (#50 on my list) and it takes things to a who other level.

55. “Slow Waves” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

A perfect closing track for YSDC.

54. “The Sidewinder Flux” from Fangs!

“This dark star comes home” is my favorite lyric on all of Fangs!

53. Hotel Aquarium” from Captiva

One of Falling Up’s biggest radio hits is well-deserving with its incredibly catchy chorus.

52. “The Insect” from Falling Up

I don’t know for sure if this is a “love song”, per se, but it strikes me as the most seemingly love song in Falling Up’s catalog since “Falling In Love”.

51. “Goddess Of The Dayspring, I Am” from Fangs!

My kids love to play air drums and guitar to this one and I don’t blame them.

50. “Arch To Achtilles” from Captiva

I reference the crazy good chorus of this song in the description for song #56. I listen to this song and I can’t believe there are 49 songs ranked ahead of it, but it just speaks to the strength of Falling Up. What an insanely great catalog of songs.

49. “The Harbor” from Falling Up (Acoustic EP)

The only brand new song in the Acoustic EP is a fantastic one. I don’t think this song would’ve been out of place at all on Gloomcatcher’s Blade In The Belfry EP.

48. “Home” from Midnight On Earthship

“Always I’ll holler you home” makes me think of how God will never let those who are truly his wonder totally away from Him.

47. “Tomorrows” from Midnight On Earthship

I so feel this:

“My sound is an anxious tapping
It’s a restless moving
Always, always, always”

46. “Flares” from Falling Up

The final song on the final major Falling Up release? I’ll always be hoping for more.

45. “Rangers” from Falling Up

I like big drums and I cannot lie.

44. “The Rest Will Soon Follow” from Hours

The song that convinced my wife that she likes Falling Up.

43. “Oh Holy Night Reprise” from Silver City

My favorite band playing my favorite Christmas song.

42. “Boone Flyer” from Falling Up

Anyone else think of an insect scurrying away at the beginning of this song?

41. “A Guide To Marine Life” from Captiva

This catchy jam is almost to 1 million plays on Spotify. Go play it and help it get there.

40. “Bruise” from Midnight On Earthship

“But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

39. “Vates” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

I really love the drum echoed with the hand-clap-type sound throughout the verses.

38. “Monster Blood (Demo)” from the unofficially released B-sides & Demos collection

I’d love to hear a finished version of this song. It has a great dark-synth pop vibe.

37. “Broken Heart (Reimagined)” from Reimagined

The reimagined version of Falling Up’s first single is likely better overall,, but the original had a pretty good head start on it.

36. “Taipan” from Mnemos


35. “Sky Circles” from Midnight On Earthship

The thought of a broken heart being a glowing light to God is a beautiful thought.

34. “Captiva” from Captiva

Gorgeous piano line to open along with a lovely verse and wonderful chorus.

33. “Islander” from Exit Lights

The drum beat in this song has a very hip-hop style to it. Reminds me of Darren King from MuteMath. Just a great song, though, and one that I’m realizing is very popular with Falling Up fans and members.

32. “Wild Bird” from Falling Up

“Protect the kids, they’ve come inside…”

31. “Emanuel” from Silver City

Probably the best version of “O Come, O Come, Emanuel” I’ve ever heard.

30. “Bittersweet” from Crashings

This song tends to flip flop with “Broken Heart” often as my favorite track from Crashings.

29. “In Echoes Forever” from Hours

In my head, and while I’m listening to this song, I consider it a top 10 Falling Up tune. I clearly feel that way about at least 30 other songs.

28. “Transmission” from Hours

Falling Up has a lot of songs that I think fit the “space rock” description, but this one may be the one that sounds most like that description.

27. “Flora” from Falling Up

Every song from Falling Up made the list, including this brilliant rocker.

26. “Song In The Air” from Silver City

The beginning of this song may be the most metal moments in Falling Up history.

TOP 25

25. “The Station” from Hours (Bandcamp Version)

A bonus track on the Bandcamp version of Hours that Jessy Ribordy once told me he considers to be part of this album. This was later stripped down and released by Ribordy’s solo project, Gloomcatcher.

24. “Broken Heart” from Crashings

The first single in the bands’ career was a super-solid slab of melodic nu-metal.

23. “Exhibition” from Dawn Escapes

The melody and cadence of the verse, pre-chorus, and chorus are brilliantly crafted.

22. “On Growing Things” from Hours

A very pretty anthemic rock song and then a very cool Further Seems Forever-esque guitar part enters in the bridge and Jessy enters screamo mode in the background for one of very few times in Falling Up’s discography. It’s well placed and very surprising and enjoyable to people like me who have a soft spot for melodic hardcore.

21. “How They Made Cameras” from Captiva

“No more star crossed tears. He is drawing near.”

20. “The Little Robot” from Silver City

An original track on the Christmas album that I suppose is on that album because it fits musically. It has that wintery sound of the rest of the album. It end up slightly edging “Song In The Air” as my favorite on Silver City.

19. “Hydro” from Falling Up

The only song in Falling Up’s catalog that I’ve named a frog after (so far). Don’t tell the others.

18. “Blue Ghost” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

The first single from YSDC is what I would consider a perfect Falling Up single. This might be the track I’d pick to play for any random music fan to see if Falling Up is their kind of thing. It’s spacey and electronic and ballad-y and still has enough rock to remind you they’re a rock band.

17. “The Green Rider” from Falling Up

This one has a very classic progressive rock feel, and Falling Up nail it. And somehow there are sections in the song that remind me of both Crashings and Your Sparkling Death Cometh.

16. “Darkspeed” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh (Bandcamp Version)

Not part of the original release of YSDC, but wow, what a glorious late addition. This track pretty much sealed that album as my all-time favorite.

15. “Good Morning Planetarium” from Captiva

My whole house loves this song. My kids have it on their bedtime CD and they sing it often. Proud dad, right here.

14. “The Light Beam Rider” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

“So take your heart and cut some holes out, breathe in slower speeds”

13. “In The Woodshop” from Falling Up

This song has moved up the rankings more than any other based on my earliest draft. I think I had it in the late 30’s, but I guess I had never considered how much I love in relation to the rest of the bands’ songs.

12. “Lotus And The Languorous” from Fangs!

That chaotic part in the bridge followed by the crazy atmospheric section sums up my music taste quite well.

11. “The Contract” from Hours

This track gets me hyped up like no other song from post-Exit Lights Falling Up.

10. “Forms And Shapes” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

The best “power ballad” Falling Up ever wrote. Such a beautiful song.

9. “The Dark Side Of Indoor Track Meets” from Captiva

Captiva‘s epic closer seems to me to be the earliest Falling Up song to hint at the style of music the band explored on YSDC.

8. “Mscron” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

“Sleep sound. Leave your fears to fools.” These song really speak for themselves. I hope you’ve decided to push play on all of these songs instead of reading my subjective thoughts.

7. “Streams Of Woe At Acheron” from Fangs!

Could this be the best chorus in the catalog? I think it might be.

6. “Prillicians” from Hours

It’s hard to not just describe every song as perfectly suited to my tastes at this point. Synths, and guitars, and beautiful melodies, and unique drum patterns. It’s all that I hoped for.

5. “The Woodworker” from Falling Up

One of my favorite songs to watch the sun come up to in the spring and summer with birds chirping in the background. Highly recommended.

4. “Circadian” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

JUGGERNAUT. That’s the word that best describes this song to me. It’s a heavyweight.

3. “Blue Ruins” from Hours

Some of my favorite guitar parts in the catalog appear on this song along killer drum beats and a dope chorus…and how does Jessy’s voice hit those notes and sound so angelic?

2. “The Wonder” from Your Sparkling Death Cometh

Any of these top 4 could’ve been number one for me. It’s just so, so close between the four. I originally went with “The Wonder” as my favorite due to the fact that I’ve been thinking of this as my favorite song on Your Sparkling Death Cometh for the past year or so, and YSDC is slightly my favorite Falling Up album, but I recently edited th

1. “Finn Hatches A Plan” from Hours

The opening of this song might be my walk-up song if I still played baseball, but this song is more than that. So well crafted and melodic and gorgeous, while still being heavy.

The Playlist:

(Several songs are missing due to not being on Spotify. Many of them can be found on Falling Up’s Bandcamp.)


“The Station”


“The Gathering”

“Magician Reversed”

“The Chilling Alpine Adventure”


(InEverglow & Friends are what I call lists/features I do with people who follow me on Twitter or who I know “in real life”)

David Martin’s Top 20 Falling Up Songs

@amstutsman : “In The Woodshop”

@jasondjohnston : “Down Here”

@musicphantic : “Goddess of The Dayspring, Am I”

@warbreaker88 : “Symmetry”

@libertyhoffman : “Darkspeed”

@laurenelise_m : “In The Woodshop”

@dannylockerbie : “Flora”

@lindzzzfaith : “Arafax Deep”

@mattsmusicshow : “Hydro”

@TheRealTonyHoff : “Fearless (250 And Dark Stars)”

@benjikunz : “Circadian”

@chasetremaine : “Goddess of The Dayspring, Am I”

@JBay_AllTheWay : “In The Woodshop”

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