From the ashes of the spirit-filled hardcore band Strongarm came a band that helped launch a largely unknown singer in Chris Carrabba, before bringing in an incredible young vocalist in Jason Gleason, followed by the accomplished Sense Field singer Jon Bunch. Further Seems Forever are known for having four albums with three different vocalists, but the innovative musicianship accompanying catchy, emo-pop is really what sets them apart. Going on to influence numerous bands from As Cities Burn to Copeland to Life In Your Way, Further Seems Forever are a band worthy of tribute, and we all know my favorite way to pay tribute…with a list, course. Here are my top 25 favorite Further Seems Forever songs:

25. “Rusted Machines” from Penny Black

This song makes me realize how much their sound naturally diversified from the first album. I hear glimpses of the original FSF, but also parts that seem completely foreign to the band.

24. “How To Start A Fire” from How To Start A Fire

What a fantastic start to an album.

23. “Insincerity As An Artform” from How To Start A Fire

“Were my arms too short to ransom you?”

22. “Rescue Trained” from Penny Black

Really good chorus.

21. “The Bradley” From The Moon Is Down

Just remembered that I get to see this band at Furnace Fest for the first time in 17 years. Wow.

20. “I Am” from How To Start A Fire

Beautiful guitars.

19. “Monechetti” from The Moon Is Down

Pure emotion.

18. “Make It A Part/ All Rise (Live)” from The Final Curtain

I love the blend back from “All Rise” to “Make It Apart”. (Why is the live version spelled “A Part”?)

17. “Bleed” from Hide Nothing

Motivates me to give my all.

16. “So Cold” from Penny Black

The first new song from FSF after an 8 year hiatus was an excellent one.

15. “The Deep” from How To Star A Fire

“The guitar work has such a cool vibe. And the song builds to an epic crescendo, through some pretty harmonies in the chorus, until Jason has no right to go as hard as he does for “EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES!” Beautifully structured song, not a note out of place. We stan.”

Richard Matthews

14. “Already Gone” from Hide Nothing

I miss you, Jon Bunch. Gone too soon.

13. “Just Until Sundown” from The Moon Is Down

I love to hear the influence on Life In Your Way in songs like this one.

12. “On Legendary” from How To Start A Fire

The most “power ballad” FSF song.

11. “Pagan Poetry” from The Final Curtain

FSF slay this Bjork tune in their own way. Gleason’s vocals are insane here and so is the guitar playing.

10. “Lead The Way” from Hide Nothing


9. “A Blank Page Empire” from How To Start A Fire

This does not sound like a radio tuned to white noise.

8. “For All We Know” from Hide Nothing

Why does this melody make me so nostalgic for Christmas? It’s not even about a holiday, to my knowledge.

7. “Janie” from Penny Black

This song hits me lyrically as “Snowbirds and Townies Pt. II”

6. “The Moon Is Down” from The Moon Is Down

Kleiseth’s drumming is unreal.

5. “Hide Nothing” from Hide Nothing

One of my favorites to drive and sing to on Spring days.

4. “Snowbirds And Townies” from The Moon Is Down

I’m sucker for emo ballads.

3. “The Sound” from How To Start A Fire

Probably the catchiest song in the catalogue.

2. “New Year’s Project” from The Moon Is Down

Just such a gorgeous song. Just barely not number 1. Probably is my number 1 some days.

1. “Light Up Ahead” from Hide Nothing

I was actually a bit of a latecomer to this band. I never gave them a fair chance until this song won me over on a Tooth & Nail Records DVD music video compilation. I enjoyed the song enough to buy everything else the band released, and ho boy, was that a great decision. It’s only fitting that the song that led me to the point of paying tribute to be number one of this list.

The Playlist: