Jimmy Eat World couldn’t write a bad song if they tried, so narrowing their extensive catalog down to 25 favorites was a difficult task. They can write anything from crazy catchy power pop to heart-tugging ballads to pop-punk sing-alongs.

Top 25

25. “Pol Roger” from Integrity Blues

A slow-burning, nearly 7-minute track that relaxes me like few others in the Jimmy Eat World catalogue.

24. “Coffee and Cigarettes” from Invented

I don’t smoke, yet this song pops in my head on a monthly basis for no good reason.

23. “Futures” from Futures

More post-hardcore Jimmy Eat World, please.

22. “Appreciation” from Damage

I will never understand why this wasn’t the lead single from Damage

21. “Diamond” from Surviving

A nice reminder to not be too desperate for success. Just keep putting yourself in position to reach whatever it is you’re after.

20. “Carry You” from Chase This Light

Evergreen statement about this band, but such a great chorus.

19. “Pain” from Futures

The lead single from my favorite Jimmy Eat World album.

18. “Shame” [B-side from Futures]

You can tell how “in the zone” a band was while recording an album by the songs that didn’t make it. The best albums always seem to have one or two B-sides that I wish had made the album. Here’s one of two on this list that I wish were on Futures.

17. “Table For Glasses” from Clarity

Such great vocals and harmonies on this one.

16. “Chase This Light” from Chase This Light

A great song for driving on the interstate at sundown.

15. “Hear You Me” from Bleed American

Play this at my funeral.

14. “Work” from Futures

Don’t be mixing work and play this way, y’all.

13. “Just Watch The Fireworks” from Clarity

One of the best 4th of July songs.

12. “Invented” from Invented

A gorgeous and chill 7 minute track. The kinds of songs are always a hit with me.

11. “Big Casino” from Chase This Light

The first single from Chase This Light is catchy as can be.

10. “A Praise Chorus” from Bleed American

A great song about it not being too late for you, but the section tributing other songs always wins it for me.

9. “It Matters” from Integrity Blues

My favorite song from 2010’s Jimmy Eat World.

8. “Always Be” from Chase This Light

One of the most under appreciated singles in the catalog, if you ask me. This one should’ve been a hit at Top 40 radio, in my opinion.

7. “Dizzy” from Chase This Light

“Did you get yours, babe?”

6. “For Me This Is Heaven” from Clarity

The runner-up for best emo song of 1999. Sorry, but “Never Meant” exists.

5. “Kill” from Futures

“I’m sorry but I can’t just go turn off how I feel” about this being the fifth-best Jimmy Eat World song.

4. “Disintegration” from Stay On My Side Tonight

I get legit bummed out when I think about how this should have been on Futures. I get that they already had an epic track (see number 1), but I think it still could’ve worked.

3. “Sweetness” from Bleed American

This is the perfect Jimmy Eat World radio single. Not “The Middle”.

2. “Polaris” from Futures

This song just tugs at me in so many ways. A perfect combination of beauty and melody.

1. “23” from Futures

One of the most epic songs in existence, and flat out beautiful. I owe this song for helping me decide that I should go ahead and pursue the woman who would later become my wife. Such and important song to me, and even without such meaning, it would still be one of my favorite songs of all-time.

Honorable Mention:

“The Middle”

“Let It Happen”

“The Authority Song”

“Love Never”


“Sure and Certain”

“Here It Goes”




“Just Tonight”


“You With Me”