In which Eric McClanahan lists his 5 favorite P.O.D. tracks.

5. “Tribal”

I haven’t been able to get into much of the recent output from P.O.D., but back in the 90′ and early 2000’s they were one of my favorite bands. I was into even the deep tracks on Satellite and The Fundament Elements of Southtown. “Tribal” has been one of my favorite non-singles by these nu-metallers since the first time I put this CD in my player.

4. “Anything”

I love anything with Christian Lindskog (Blindside) in it. He has one of my favorite voices in music. The guitar riff on this song is pretty great, too.

3. “Will You”

“Will You” sounds more like a normal hard rock song than the output from P.O.D. up to this point, and I think it worked out really well on this song, despite not being quite so successful with it through out the rest of their self-titled album.

2. “The Messenjah”

This is the best chorus in the band’s catalogue, if you ask me. A rapid-fire and brave declaration of being willing to die for ones beliefs.

  1. “Southtown”

A truly great nu-metal song to many of those who believe that such a thing exist (I am one). The riff is undeniable and this song has a hardcore vibe about it that gets me so hyped. No matter how far my tastes travel away from nu-metal, I plan on enjoying this song every once in awhile for as long as I’m on this Earth.

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Honorable Mention:


“This Time”

“Rock The Party (Off The Hook)”


“Youth of The Nation”


“Going In Blind”