Hall of Fav(e)s is where I gush about all of my favorite things in any category. Here’s part of the 2020 class:

There have been dozens of important websites to me over the years, so there will likely be a second class in this category at some point. I really only started regularly listening to podcasts a couple years ago, so this is still a burgeoning interest, but these are the websites that have mattered most to me over the years and the podcasts that are making me fall in love with the medium:


I have looked at Chorus.FM, and formerly Absolutepunk.net, nearly every day since around 2006. It has been my main source of information on what is going on in the music scene that I’ve been involved in for most on my adult life. I can’t even begin to recall the insane number of artists that I’ve become fans of because of this site.


CMCentral was probably the first online community I was ever a part of. I learned so much about different approaches of listening to music from this forum and its also defunct spin-off, ThePhorum. I became friends with one of my most beloved musical kindred-spirits, David Martin, from this community. If I remember correctly, this forum was also responsible for originally sparking my interest in artists that have become favorites, like Sufjan Stevens, Mae, Deas Vail, and MuteMath.


While I haven’t listened to this radio station in a decade and half, it was huge in introducing me to Tooth & Nail Records. Not long after I first got internet in my house in 1999, I discovered this radio station and listened to it nearly every second I spent browsing the internet. I obsessed over their charts and requested songs often. Though it doesn’t currently have a place in my life, its impact on me is indisputable.


This is another website that been a huge discovery tool for me over the last couple decades. I don’t obsessively rate and catalog everything on it like I did when I was true music collector. Having 4000+ albums requires a place to keep track of what you have, and this website was that for me, along with being a great place to find highly rated music by genre tags. I owe this site for introducing me to favorites like Postiljonen, Klimt 1918, and to some degree, Starflyer 59.


Myspace was social media at its most fun. Page decorating, Top 8’s, and profile music-players have fallen by the wayside in today’s social media landscape. I met my wife on this website, which in and of itself is more than enough to warrant its inclusion.


In contrast to social media at its most fun, Twitter is social media at its most intense. We use our limited character amount to pack in urgent news, information, and arguments. But within the madness of it all, great friendships are formed, and understanding of others is gained…if we’re willing to allow such things.


Oh, my beloved Last.fm. I wish I could have used you to track every song I’ve ever listened to in my life. The tracking of my listening helps this OCD guy to categorize his favorite bands and it also eases my nostalgic mind by showing me what I was listening to a decade ago. Please never go away, my love.

Happy Rant Podcast

The Happy Rant Podcast is the first podcast that I wanted to hear every episode of. It’s perfect for any occasion and mood I may be in. Dealing with the topics du jour in church culture with a perfect cast of hosts. Barnabas Piper, being the son of one of the most popular figures in modern Christianity, has unique insights. Ronnie Martin comes from the alternative christian music scene, which if you’ve read this far, you know is very interesting to me. Ted Kluck is a sports fanatic and writer. This podcast is just a nearly perfect melding of my interests.

JesusFreakHideout Podcast

Being the first podcast to have me on as a guest is a great way to secure a spot on this list, but the cool thing is that this is a podcast that I already listened to quite regularly beforehand. Chase Tremaine is a fantastic host and he is very knowledgeable in the christian music scene that I also happen to be quite fond of.