Hall of Fav(e)s is where I gush about all of my favorite things in any category. Here’s part of the 2020 class:

Probably no secret here, but here’s my favorite colors:

The Cyan Color Range

Turquoise, Teal, Aqua, etc. I love all of it and I have for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure its the reason why I quickly took the Miami Dolphins as my favorite football team and the Charlotte Hornets as my favorite basketball team. It’s just so beautiful to me for some reason. When I envision heaven, I see a lot of it. I was once told that it’s too feminine of a color for men to wear, but I’m having trouble caring too much about what people think of my love for this color, because I truly feel like its a huge part of who I am.



Black is my favorite color to wear. My wife doesn’t particularly like it when I dress head-to-toe in in it, but it’s what makes me feel most comfortable and myself. Maybe the fact that my only color choices for my high school uniform were blue, white, and khaki has something to do with it. Maybe its all of the metal and hardcore band shirts I was wearing during the Myspace days, but I have really taken to it.