In which Eric McClanahan lists his 5 favorite Switchfoot tracks up to this point in their career.


1. “Only Hope”

Album: New Way To Be Human” (1999)

This is just a breathtakingly beautiful song in every aspect. I didn’t need Mandy Moore’s validation to know it was a great song, but it was kinda cool to hear a pop/movie star cover it. I still prefer Switchfoot.

2. “On Fire”

Album” The Beautiful Letdown” (2003)

This song is so tied to a particular moment in my life, and not a particularly enjoyable one…but somehow nostalgia still finds a way to help me enjoy “On Fire”.

3. “Let That Be Enough”

Album: New Way To Be Human (1999)

“I’m a plane in the sunset with nowhere to land”. C’mon, who hasn’t found that extremely relatable? I especially felt it at 22.

4. “Your Love Is a Song”

Album: Hello Hurricane (2009)

This is the most recent Switchfoot song I’ve truly loved. We’ve gone separate ways for some reason. It’s probably not them, it’s me. Anyways…

The chorus is just as strong as Switchfoot’s biggest hits, but unfortunately their time on mainstream radio had ended by this point in their career.

5. “You”

Album: The Legend of Chin (1997)

Look, I’m a sucker for a heartbreaking ballad, so that’s what this whole list is, but that’s not so say Switchfoot doesn’t excel at other things. I had a very difficult time leaving “Playing For Keeps” out. I also really wanted to include “Dare You To Move”, the great radio-friendly…ballad. Fine, I mostly love Switchfoot for the slow jams.


Listen to my 5:


Honorable Mention:

“Dare You To Move”

“Playing For Keeps”

“New Way To Human”


“Chem 6A”

“Innocence Again”

“Love Is The Movement”

“Learning To Breathe”

“This Is Your Life”

“Meant To Live”

“Needle And Haystack Life”


“Where I Belong”

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