Gimme 5: Junius


In which Eric McClanahan lists his 5 favorite Junius tracks up to this point in their career.


So, the bands that I have decided to make a Gimme 5 about are all of the bands that says I have listened to over 500 times. This entry is probably going to be the most awkward one, so I wanted to get it finished early in the series.

Why is it awkward? Well, I decided to quit listening to Junius a couple years ago. Not at all because their music is bad, but something with the odd spirituality they sing about and project just doesn’t sit well with me as a Christian anymore. I don’t come about decisions to stop listening to bands I love easily. I read interviews, listened to podcasts, and even messaged with the a member of the band to try to gauge what it is exactly they’re about. I’m not saying Christians shouldn’t listen to this band, or any band. I think it should be a matter of conscience and conviction, because each Christian has different strengths and weaknesses. And please don’t misunderstand me, the members of this band seem like wonderful people, and they’re very talented. This is all just a matter of personal conviction for me. And honestly, I’m not even sure if I still feel the same way I did then, but I already got rid of all of their vinyl and CDs, so I guess there’s really no going back now unless I want to re-spend a bunch of money.

Another reason this entry is awkward is because only 1 of my 5 favorite songs by this band is on Spotify. I don’t know why that’s the case, but it is. Since I wrote this introduction, and most of these aren’t on Spotify, I’m gonna post a YouTube link in lieu of writing about each song.

1. “Hiding Knives”

Album: Junius (2007)

 Hiding Knives


2. “A Word Could Kill Her”

Album: Junius (2007)

 A Word Could Kill Her


3. “Letters From Saint Angelica”

Album: The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist (2009)

 Letters From Saint Angelica


4. “Stargazers & Gravediggers”

Album: The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist (2009)


 Stargazers and Gravediggers


5. “Betray The Grave”

Album: Reports From The Threshold of Death (2011)

 Betray The Grave


Listen to my 5:

Honorable Mention:

“Blood Is Bright”


Here’s what exists of Junius on Spotify