There are several songs on the debut full-length from Valleyheart that bring me to the cusp of tears, but “Drowned in Living Waters” is the one caused a drop to leave the safety of my eye and dry away. Similarly, this is a song about a man who seems to have wondered from the faith of his youth, and now he’s lost and withering.

It’s a classic prodigal tale of ‘Have I drifted too far to ever come back home?’, but it’s the honesty and desperation for resolve of this one that hits me hard, along with the fact that I hope for all to find rest in the loving arms of The Father.

Frontman Kevin Klein sings that he hears the voice of the prophets calling him to return. To their calls, and possibly to God, he responds: “But it’s been so long now since I’ve felt your guiding hand. This burden pulling me into some hell. I guess that this is the price of a life lived for no one but myself.”

The song both concludes and climaxes with Klein begging, within the framework of a beautiful melody and intense instrumentation, to be taken back to a place that he has seemingly forgotten, but still feels an aching longing for, home.

If this sounds like a song that resonates, and I think it does for most on some level, at some point in time, give it a listen. After you’ve wept with this track, proceed to listen to their magnificent album, released in late 2018, Everyone I’ve Ever Loved.