Here’s my interview with Dan B of the Russian EDM group, WE-A-RE:

You’re part of the group WE-A-RE, how long have you been a group and what are some successes you’ve had?

This journey started year ago and continues to develop. We’ve spent countless hours and all nighters in the studio perfecting our music, nit picking every little detail until we got it just right. If you want to do things the right way and perfect your sound, it takes time and hard work.

For this year we came forward on excellent events, in the best clubs and festivals. Good feedbacks from people, this most important, that people like then what we do, it compels us to work anymore and better. This year, we’ll have our parties and hope that we will open our school where everyone can come and unleash their talents, together we can do anything!

I’m not real familiar with the Russian music scene, is the EDM genre pretty popular over there?

EDM only begins to develop in our country. Every year all more listeners. One time in a year passes Alfa Future People Festival uniting all electronic music lovers in Russia, where you can see and hear the best artists. In clubs a situation worse, people like a pop music or underground (Techno for example)

Your debut single, “Catch the Stars”, came out last year. Tell me about how you ended up working with Andy Wild and Paul Aiden.

I began work on “Catch The Stars” two years ago, but I needed an experienced man who was willing to help me with it, that person turned out to be my good friend from Italy – Andy Wild. I sent him a project and we immediately started to work on the track but we understood that we need a vocal in our song and we started to look for singers. I always liked Paul Aiden’s voice and we sent a demo to Paul and he liked it. He was the perfect choice for this record. I am very happy that I got a chance to work with such cool guys.

It seems you’ve already had some success in Britain with BBC Radio 1 playing your music. Have you had much success in America yet?

Now we are not focused on a somehow country. But looking on statistics I know that we have more listeners in Europe. We value each and it is not important from what he is countries. Certainly in our plans to go out to the American market, but all depends on us and our work.

“Catch the Stars” seems to be about the fun of dancing and enjoying music. What artists do you most enjoy listening to?

I spend a lot of time listening and downloading new music. I usually start with Techno or Deep House tracks in the morning, then in the afternoon I usually listen to Progressive House and Groove House and at the evening can be so hard Bass House and Сlassic music. My favorite albums are: Steve Angello ‘Wild Youth’, Daft Punk ‘Alive 2007’, Swedish House Mafia ‘Until Now’, and Dirty South ‘With You’

You’ve played some big festivals with other popular Russian artists. How many people did you play for and how incredible is the experience of having a crowd of people put their hands in the air to your music?

I was so glad that I am surrounded by such professionals and famous artists who I listened to when I was in school. Got unforgettable emotions and energy. These events are very important for the development of electronic dance music in the country and I am proud that I became part of this.

What’s next for Dan B and WE-A-RE. Will your next single be coming out soon?

As a solo project I am working like a ghost producer right now.

About WE-A-RE: A ton of new music! We hope to continue to finish plenty more music before the end of the year. We have a lot of momentum going and we don’t plan to stop, stay tuned!

What is the best way for people to follow you and to check out you music?

The best way to watch after us it our social networks. Main for us is our soundcloud, there we have two profiles: one for our releases, second for recorded sets from our performances, edits and unofficial works.

Is there anything else you’d like to say that I didn’t cover in my previous questions?

Thank you for an interview! It was very interesting! I wish all the best to your portal!

Check out the music of Dan B and WE-A-RE here: