By Dan Smith of Weaver At The Loom.
Russian Dolls? I had to think for a moment to find the best way to explain this track. I don’t like to attribute too much objectivity to any one song. I have always loved how songs take on a life of their own when people interpret them from their own unique perspectives. A bit of a rorschach test type phenomenon. The original concept though was about the different degrees to which people connect with each other. Everyone has layers to themselves, from guarded to intimate, we keep people at different proximities based on how well we connect with them. This gave me an image of people as Russian Nesting Dolls, layers of the same person within a person. So, I guess, interpreting relationships through that concept, it seems like a rare occasion when you connect with someone on that inner level, even more so as you get older. The imagery of this song is describing a moment when you get to reconnect with someone who you have one of those deeper-level bonds with; about appreciating that connection and making time for that moment. Less philosophically, it’s about hanging out with a good friend you haven’t seen in awhile, picking things up as if no time has passed, and making space in the busyness of life to let that moment breathe.


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