60. “For Me This Is Heaven” – Jimmy Eat World (1999)

I was a late-comer to Jimmy Eat World and an even later-comer to Clarity. Hey, sometimes it takes a while to get clarity. I didn’t become a JEW fan until a couple years after my sickness of “The Middle” had worn off, but when I finally came around, I picked up what would become my second favorite album by one of my favorite bands.

59. “The Longer I Lay Here” – Pedro the Lion (1998)

A song from It’s Hard to Find A Friend that David Bazan wrote while sitting in the clean room of a friend and thinking about how his room was a mess. The result is a ballad about the addiction of laziness.

58. “Under My Skin” – Fono (1999)

Here’s another excellent modern rock track from Goesaroundcomesaround. The final buildup on this song is one of my favorite moments in 90’s rock music.

57. “Fall” – John Elefante (1997)

From the album Corridors. This song really really resonated with me lyrically as a teenager who wanted to give my everything to God, but often gave in to peer pressure and such. “I don’t need what I want, what I need is what’s true” was always my favorite line.

There wasn’t a video for “Fall” on Youtube, so here’s the video for the song that was 101. “Black Metallic” – Catherine Wheel (1993)

56. “My Refuge” – SonicFlood (1999)

SonicFlood’s self-titled debut album was a trendsetter for the contemporary christian music industry. After this album went gold everyone and their mom was releasing their version of a rock worship album. It’s possible that the incredible driving drum beat at the beginning of the second verse lead to my eventual love of metalcore beats.

55. “Fade Into You” – Mazzy Star (1993)

This classic single from So Tonight That I Might See could be about puppy dogs and butterflies and it would still sound like the most melancholic song ever written thanks to Hope Sandoval’s vocals and that beautiful (slide?) guitar sound.

54. “Gone Away” – The Offspring (1997)

This is easily my favorite thing The Offspring ever recorded. From Ixnay of the Hombre, this is a song about someone who is desperately missing a deceased loved one. Maybe The Offspring should’ve stopped all the goofball stuff and tried being serious more often.

53. “Linger” – The Cranberries (1993)

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We. Sorry, but everyone was not writing ballads this great in 1993, and they still aren’t. Put this in every movie scene about unrequited love in every movie ever. You’ll have a hard time finding a song better suited for that.

52. “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere” – Dwight Yoakam (1993)

This Time is one of my favorite country albums ever, and “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere” one of my favorite country songs. This might be the only tune in this genre where I get excited about how both the guitars and the drums sound. Everything about this song calls me to drive by myself at sundown on an open highway.

51. “Hold It Up to the Light” – Smalltown Poets (1998)

This is a gem of a rock song from Listen Closely about stepping out on faith. The outro on this track is one of my favorites of the decade.