70. “I’ll Give” – Smalltown Poets (1997)

From the ridiculously solid self-titled debut. It’s possible that if this list had 200 songs on it, that most of the rest of this album would make it. Dare I say that the CCM version of the Gin Blossoms may have actually been the better band.

69. “Just Try” – Starflyer 59 (1999)

I was pretty late to the Starflyer 59 party. I bought the album that features this song (Everybody Makes Mistakes) around 2008 in the discount bin at a used bookstore. I can now say that I’m a full-fledged Starflyer fan, and I own all of the albums. Better late than never.

68. “My Deliverer” – Ragamuffin Band (1998)

One of the last songs written by the late Rich Mullins. This version of the song and the demo recorded by Rich are on his final album, The Jesus Record.

67. “Angel of Mine” – Monica (1998)

From The Boy Is Mine. Yep, it’s another top-notch Monica tune. This one takes me back to my roller skating days.

66. “Goodbye” – Plankeye (1999)

Plankeye never really became a band that I would consider myself a “fan” of, but I sure do love this song. I used to be an annual buyer of the contemporary christian compilation series called Wow. This song isn’t the kind of tune they would typically put on the Wow albums, but thankfully they included it on the Wow 2000 music videos compilation, which I watched religiously. This comes from the Plankeye album Relocation.

65.  “Nothing Compares 2 U” – Sinead O’connor (1990)

I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got is a decent enough album, but this song completely overshadows everything else on it. This heartbreaker was written by Prince, and he later recorded it himself, but even he couldn’t master this song the way Sinead did.

64. “Kissin’ You” – Total (1996)

The CD single I had of this song might has well have been stuck in my discman in 1996. The soothing guitar mixed with chill R&B was a combination that won me over back then and still does now. This comes from Total’s self-titled debut album.

63. “I Know Your Name” – Michael W. Smith (1998)

Oh, look, it’s the third song from Live the Life to make this list (so far). While not my VERY favorite album of the 90’s (that would be Much Afraid by Jars of Clay), this album is not lacking in songs that still sound great to me to this day. It sounds like something that would have been recorded either 12 year before or 12 years after it actually was. This 80’s atmospheric sound was all but dead when MWS released this song in 1998.

62. “Anybody Out There?” – Burlap to Cashmere” (1998)

From the album with the same name. This song starts out slow and pretty, but by the time the song ends I’m wondering how the guitarists arm didn’t go flying off.

61. “Your Faithfulness” – Chasing Furies (1999)

My favorite song Chasing Furies ever released wasn’t on their only album (1999’s With Abandon). This slow-burner was featured on a compilation called Listen Louder. This is one of those songs that hit me at the right time, and now everytime I listen to it, I’m back in that moment.