80. “Hello, Good-Bye” – Michael W. Smith (1998)

This song, from the Live the Life album, is hands-down one of the most heartbreaking songs I’ve ever heard. It’s so gut-wrenching that I had to knock it down lower in my rankings because it can be so difficult to listen to. I always feel a little uncomfortable talking about how much I enjoy a song that is about someone else’s intense sorrow, so I’ll just stop here.

79. “Consuming Fire” – Third Day (1996)

The self-titled Third Day album had several excellent songs on it (as did their second album, Conspiracy No. 5), which just leaves me scratching my head even more about how they became the watered down, adult contemporary band they are today. As someone who grew up on southern gospel and country music, when this song came out I thought it sounded SO heavy. The fact that I still enjoy this song so much, despite my later realization that it isn’t heavy at all, is all the more proof to me that this is a truly fantastic rock song.

78. “Drift Away” – Fono (1999)

As a teenager with my feet planted firmly in the Christian music bubble, Goesaroundcomesaround was my The Colour and the Shape. You’ll be seeing a few tracks from this album where you might see “Everlong”, “My Hero”, or “Monkey Wrench” on someone else’s.

77. “Enchanted” – Chasing Furies (1999)

This is my favorite track from With Abandon, the only album this trio of siblings ever released. I have a reputation of my favorite music either being really heavy or really chill, so click play and take that!

76. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea” – The Cure (1992)

From my favorite post-Disintegration Cure album, Wish. This is the only song you’ll see on this list by The Cure, but you just wait ’till you see my 80’s list. I tend to prefer the more dreamy sounding songs by this band, but the heavier guitar sounds incredible on this tune.

75. “Trust” – Sixpence None The Richer (1994)

This is the version from The Fatherless and the Widow (the band recorded this song a few times). With a chorus that is basically Proverbs 3:5-6, and verses that add some personal application from Leigh Nash, this is a tender ballad that even grandma would like.

74. “Changes” – 2Pac (1998)

This is probably my favorite rap song ever. While I don’t agree with every lyric or word choice, this is a powerful posthumous plea for a better world, while knowing that “some things will never change”. The amped up Bruce Hornsby sample is the icing on the cake.

73. “Why I Love You So Much” – Monica (1995)

This is one of several excellent ballads on Miss Thang. Look, you can have Mariah, Whitney, and Christina Aguiblahblah, I’m taking Monica first pick in the diva draft.

72. “All the Evidence I Need” – 4Him (1996)

I had The Message on cassette, and I played that thing ’til I knew every lyric. I have so many memories tied to this album, so if for some reason you don’t “get” why songs like this are here, let’s just chalk it up to power of nostalgia.

71. “I Will Find You” – Seven Day Jesus (1997)

If you’re familiar with the self-titled album by this band, you’re probably wondering how this song made the list instead of power-pop juggernauts like “Down With the Ship”, “Butterfly”, and “Always Comes Around”, and the answer is, so am I. For the first couple years of owning this album, I was in love the previously mentioned hits, but somewhere down the line, this one started to grab my attention more, and it hasn’t let go.